Odoo is the #1 open source integrated business apps suite. Main apps includes Website Builder, eCommerce, CRM, Accounting, Project Management, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, Human Resources and marketing.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is an integration of management information both internally and externally an organization / company. ERP system includes finance / accounting, manufacturing / production, sales and service, Customer Relationship Management etc. ERP automates the system - the system is so integrated synergistically. ERP has a primary function as a facilitator of the flow of information between all functions of the organization / company and managing relationships with functions outside of the organization / company.

PT. Global Fixious Indonesia provides service ODOO implementation for organizations / companies as needed. With ODOO Implementation organization / company to better focus on the core business, with the support of information systems are complete, accurate and precise.

At ODOO we believe that we can break many barriers in this industry. We make our software available to many companies who could otherwise not afford to pay for expensive business applications license fees. We allow customers to use their money smartly and tailor the software to their individual needs. We leverage from our customer base to enrich the software and finally we eradicate any lock-in to allow our customer to use and even drop our software freely.


Customers should spend their budget wisely: Customers should use the budget wisely and invest in customizing the application to their specific needs, rather than paying expensive license fees. Open Source allows this. Open source is often called a disruptive model because it creates more value for customers.

Software is recyclable: For decades customers have developed applications that remain specific to their own needs and in the end proved to be very expensive to maintain. Open Source means that customers can benefit from previous development.

Levering from the Web: Most ERP and Business Applications do not take advantage of the Web. At ODOO we believe that this fact is an asset. We can build a new generation of business applications, more modular, more friendly, fully web-based, which other applications cannot be, because the legacy of their previous legacy systems.

Engaging with customers differently: Open source also allows us to engage with our customers differently. Since there is no licensing cost, any potential customer can download the software, test it and use it if it meets its needs. We have no need for an expensive sales force to promote the product. We just need to make the best product and make it available to customers.

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