The Company was established in 2011 in Bandung City, West Java, Indonesia. Simply call us "FIXIOUS".

What is Fixious ?

Fixious, Fixious has a similar meaning Vixious word that is "ready to fly". Fixious not be satisfied with only the existing level but Fixious will continue to climb above levels that seemed to fly. Fixious is a spirit ready to learn, ready to adapt, ready to beat and ready to be a winner of course.

Fixious could also mean a spirit to break through the trauma and utilize the best possible opportunity. So fixious not merely the spirit but also a commitment to stand up to the challenge, or even provided with a vision and very ready to fly (fly), or in other words with a strong desire (strong passion) is ready to reach a higher level.

Fixious aka Fixid Interactive Design, Fixious ready to present designs interactive (interactive design) resulting in the expected communication between the products and their audiences. 

Fixid also be synonymous with the word that means fixed constant or consistent, Fixious will always be consistent to bring out the best for our partners and customers.

Fixid to Fix ID, meaning our identity (ID) is clear, honest and certainly in an effort to help its partners and customers to get the most realistic solution.



Being a leading company in the field of ICT (Information Communication Technology) and Multimedia Design Professional and able to compete globally in developing informations leading technology innovation.


Provide ICT appropriate solutions (Information Communication Technology) and Multimedia Design.
Develop appropriate products ICT and Multimedia Design innovative.
Develop cooperation and partnership mutually beneficial business.
Develop advanced technological innovation.


Fixious's experienced design and development team draws on collaboration on a network of specialists, expertizes, designer, technician and engineers

Setra Dago Timur V No. 31
Bandung City, 40291
West Java, Indonesia

Email: info@fixious.com
Phone: +62 22 872  40 919
Fax: +62 22 872 40 919

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